Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo

Giving a gift has never been so easy even if you know the personality of the recipient very well. If he’s near to your heart, that makes it even harder because as much as possible, you want to give a gift that is specially chosen or made by you.

“Ber” months are fast approaching and you can already feel the spirit of Christmas. What comes with it is the pressure of finding the right present for everyone.

So, here are some gift suggestions for all occasions:

1. DIY/Personalized Items

You want to put extra efforts on your gift for your parents, siblings, best friend, squad and for all of the people you love.

Best example for this is the present that I made six years ago with so much love and effort. I made my best friend a collage of his pictures. I printed his pictures in a bond paper. Then, I pasted them on a 1/2 illustration board. And for the polishing, I did some finishing touches. Tadda!

2. The Exact Thing

If you would not want to risk, you may just ask what he wants directly. This is advisable if you are going to give personal stuff like clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc. Just like what I did when my nephew had his birthday. After we went strolling and playing at the park, I brought them to the mall for shopping and let him choose what he wants as his birthday gift. In this way, you are sure that it fits and most importantly, he likes the gift. This could also be a nice bonding for the family.

3. Squad/Relationship Goals

Other than traveling and/or taking that #squadgoals or that #relationshipgoals photos, popular during my younger years were having friendship bracelets, squad varsity jackets, couple shirts, and many other twinning kinds of stuff.

An example of this is my present for my best friend on his 23rd birthday. I gave him a Swap watch MTV limited edition. I found it cute so I bought one for myself too.

4. Just for Fun

This kind of gift is the most exciting one because you don’t know how he will react. It is something intended for a more memorable moment. This is sometimes called a prank. Often comes after this is the giving of the cake if it is a birthday celebration.

I remember when we had our Kris Kringle in my previous company. We are used to having themes like, “Something long, white and sticky.” But this time, we played “Who’s Your Santa?” The mechanics is that you’re going to give a present in accordance with your full name initials. For example, my name initials are GDC. On the first week, I will give gifts that starts with letter G, on the second week, letter D, then, on the third week, letter C. The initials may not mean to be the name of the thing. You can base it on its color, size and other traits it possesses. Those will serve as clues.

One of us received on the first week, a cabbage and four other vegetables. On the second week, same girl received a box of matches and a bottle of cooking oil. And on the third week, she got soy sauce, vinegar, and two more kinds of condiments. We had a great laugh every moment she takes her turn in opening her gift. When you connect all the gifts she received for the whole Kris Kringle, she can already cook a dish.

In this example, you can see that a gift for fun has its proper place and special moment. And it doesn’t hurt.

5. Gift Certificate

Whenever we have an exchange gift. It is very popular having wish lists, especially at work. And on this creatively made wish list, you will find that almost all have written a Gift Certificate as one of the options. Actually, it is beneficial for both parties. If he can’t find any of the listed items or if he doesn’t have enough time to buy, he can just get a GC.

Personally, I’d rather have a Sodexo Gift Certificate or SM Gift Certificate because I could choose what I really want or I could use it to buy gifts for my loved ones. Just like what I did when I won GCs from raffle draws in our company’s Christmas party. In our family, we always reunite on Christmas Day and this brings me a long list of names. The GCs really helped me not only to set a budget but also gave me a wide variety of quality products to choose from.

Sodexo Premium Pass is known to be the universal gift certificate in the country because it can be used for shopping, dining, entertainment, travel and leisure.

SM Gift Pass is the official Gift Certificate of SM Supermalls – SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, SM Department Stores and Appliance Centers, SM Cinemas and even the IMAX Theatre.

Both GCs are accepted in all SM affiliated establishments nationwide. Know more about these Gift Certificates (or close variant) linked to


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