Beaching Moments 9: The Haciendera on the Beach Look

During my younger years, this is just a provincial dress popularly called as a ‘duster‘. But on my blog, I call this the Haciendera dress because wearing this piece, I perceive myself as a lady that just came out from my home, visited my farms then off straight to the beach. It all depends on how you carry this dress actually. This is a perfect outfit for someone that doesn’t want to show off her skin yet. You allot another time for that. The heat is too much for you but you want to take a walk at the beach? Then dress up like a haciendera. You can add elements too like hat, accessories and sunglasses. Then all you need is the perfect background for your photos. 😁


Have you noticed the different shades of glasses that I used? Isn’t it fun how you mix and match your clothes to your accessories? That is one factor that you should consider when buying your clothes. Always keep in mind that you should make the most out of your money, whether you worked for it or if it was just given to you. See to it that the clothes you pick can easily be paired to produce stylish ensembles.

Dress: Baclaran | Sunglasses: Sunnies | Lipstick: Colour Pop – Ribbon Ultra Matte


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