Montblanc Launch and UNICEF Event




Montblanc supports UNICEF. Clearly, they have given their message in an inspirational way, aiming to improve learning conditions for over 5 million children around the world by providing quality learning materials and better teaching. Unveiling its new concept store in Rustan’s Makati, where you will find a bigger selection of leather goods, writing instruments, and of course, beautiful timepieces, discover the true essence of a century old brand.  This Montblanc boutique at Rustan’s Makati is the first Neo2 concept boutique of the brand in the entire Southeast Asian region.

Last 6th of June, Montblanc, with the help of Rustan’s, introduces its latest collection to the Philippines, Montblanc for UNICEF. Has joined in this celebration for the very first time since he was appointed to take care of Montblanc in South East Asia, Mr. Matthieu Dupont.

Attendees on this event were invited to try their latest product, the Montblanc Augmented Paper. For every guest who writes down an important message or quote that he would like to pass on, Rustan’s will donate P100 to UNICEF Philippines. On top of that, 3% of the total proceeds from the night’s sales will also be donated to the same cause.

Another activity in the said event is the Calligraphy. Showcasing the various nibs of the Montblanc Meistertstuck Fountain pen, guests may ask the calligraphers from Ink Scribbler to write their name or any word that they want.

For every piece in the Montblanc for UNICEF Collection sold from April 1 2017 to March 31 2018, Montblanc will donate 3% of the proceeds to support UNICEF, not just in the Philippines, but to the global advocacy of the programme and its literacy projects, with a minimum amount of $1.5 million being guaranteed by Montblanc.

We are all living examples and a witness on how writing instruments made our learnings the most valuable thing that we could have and will never lose.  Keep your pens working and spread the good vibes!


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