Good Vibes in LAbor UNiON Festival 2017

Here’s a common line coming. “Left my heart in San Juan, La Union.”

In such big events like the LAbor UNION Festival 2017, I looked forward to enjoying the place, taking photos of everything possible and of course meeting new people. Who would not? But I guess I have proved that I really easily get attached to people especially if they have shown their goodness. In this moment, I also saw the big world that everyone has been talking about, the options that I have been ignoring.

Did you know that we just had a week to make this trip possible?

We learned about the LAbor UNION Festival early this year but we decided to go just when we were informed that it is a Non-Working Holiday on April 28 because of the ASEAN 2017 Summit. Through messaging San Juan Resort Restaurant and Hotel Association on Facebook, we were able to get our 3-day ticket passes for the event with 2 LAZADA vouchers worth P200 each. SJRRHASS gave us the list of contacts for resort/hotel/apartelle/house transient bookings, which I’m going to share with you now. Included in the directory are restaurants/coffee shops that you can try and will surely share too.

So if you are thinking of heading to the Surfing Capital of the North, checkout events that can add up to your bucket lists through their FB page. Click here ! 😎👌

Thinking about transportation, we had our reservation for a bus travel from Manila to La Union through Czar Exchange and Travel Services. It is a home-based travel agent that caters to all your travel booking needs. They made it easy for us despite the rush booking. Reach them through their FB page by clicking here! 😉👍

Our travel took 8 hours (9 am to 5 pm) from Partas Cubao to Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Fare costs P546.00 each for First Class bus trip.

On the first night, we just slept in a tent. It was an epic experience coz we were four and we used a tent that is good for two persons only. And guess what, we survived! There were artists playing in several resto bars along the strip but we chose to sleep after eating dinner because we planned to join the AXN Big Thrills that will start at 5 am.

We woke up early for the registration but we weren’t able to join because we don’t have rubber shoes. We didn’t see that coming haha. Oh well, we still went to watch and get freebies.

After eating dinner, party for us started at 8pm at the Sony Sunset Silent Disco.

Don’t be surprised if you’ll find us in one of the event’s testimonies because yeah, we were interviewed in the event. I guess that was because we looked-like an avid millenial fan wearing the Sony Sunset Silent Disco shirt haha.

At 11 pm, the concert started at San Juan, La Union beach.

The Kankanaey Indigenous Group, which is being supported by the event, opened the program with their cultural dance.

Then, the moment we’ve been waiting for!

Featuring Barbie Almabis.

Kevin Roy’s Guilty Acoustic Pleasures.

DJ David Callum performed in the Sony Sunset Silent Disco and he also banged the party on the second night of the concert.

LABOR UNION BAZAAR. Other than refreshments, street foods, and other food trips, you can find other merchandise for your La Union visit reminiscences. My friend got her top in one of her OOTDs here and she definitely loved it. We have also purchased Korean and Japan beauty products.

On the third night, Reggae is alive with Indio-I!

Rock-rock-an with Stellar.

And Hilera.

After the band performances are the start of the DJ hype. Sad to say but we had to go. We rode a tricycle from Sebay to Partas Station for P120.00 then lined up for the bus ticket for P453.00 each from San Fernando, La Union to Partas Pasay Terminal. We left early to avoid long hours on the road again and to be able to reach home and have a rest before going back to work again the next day. We have hit our goal coz we had the trip for only 6 hours (5am-11am). Yey! 😁


Were you there too? Or this post made you want to join the next LAbor UNION? Share your thoughts by commenting! Would love to be of help! 😉


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