Beaching Moments 8: Semi-Conservative One-Piece

I know I am not that summer-ready mermaid that many are expecting. I have big thighs, big bones, big boobies and a big heart. I am just one of your voluptuous friends. But this won’t stop me from enjoying the sun and beach. Plus being under the influence of my millennial mermaid friends, I was able to gain self-confidence and guts to show some skin. In this world full of judges and haters, it is your mere duty to love yourself. Don’t ever think less of yourself. Untie yourself from the fear of rejection or the responsibility to please others. I once had myself caged by my love to someone but this just hurt me instead. Insisting oneself to someone you love is not bad because it means you tried. You are showing him how much you love him but see to it that there is a limit. Never ever love someone more than yourself. Learn to let go even if it hurts so much rather than always giving in and slowly killing yourself. Especially when you have given all that you’ve got yet for him it’s never enough? Wake up! He doesn’t love you as much as you love him. You accepted the love that he can give yet he gives you the feeling of guilt of not passing his standards. What hurts the most is when you have been his shadow for a long time yet he never looked back. He just focuses on what he can see up front. Stop the fight. Stop assuming that love can be learned, that someday he will love you like what you expect him. Move away but forgive. Protect what has remained in you and that is your heart, your good heart. Always remember. We hurt because we love. Don’t let hurt turn love into hate. Just love still. Because love also heals.

Laced suit and backless. One-piece and a skirt in front. I call this a Semi-Conservative One-Piece. This is a kind of swimsuit for a woman who wants to be hot at the same time quite hinky to be all out. This represents how I learned the hard way. I hope you would be guided by my story.

P. S. You can still have add-ons if you don’t feel like getting wet and dirty yet.

Wondering where this Crystal Beach Resort is? Want to know more about and how to get there? Check out my blog Good Vibes in Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales ! 😁


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