The Bakuna-Baggy-Sweats Ensemble

Even baggy sweats won’t forgive the off-shoulder craze.

Say goodbye to the cool breeze of February that surely we’ll be missing in the coming of summer’s sunlight, but not to your sweatshirt!

Wearing oversized clothes usually means a depressed or a sad mood but I say it is a cozy obsession. It is a way of expressing freedom. You see, when you’re wearing a loose clothing, the tendency is you can move in any movements you want, carefree!

If you would observe, I am more of the swagger fashion. It started when I was in college. I adapted my girl best friend’s style of wearing big-sized polos, sweaters and windbreakers over leggings, skinny or ripped-jeans. Good thing I am very much proud of my curves and hips.

In Filipino acronym:

“S.impleng W.alang A.rteng G.anda”

So if you are the type who doesn’t wear makeup or who seldom do, don’t get jealous and try hard to be like the others. Be proud of your style. Believe in your way of fashion and beauty! Everyone is unique and stand out in their own special way. Just know your assets and confidently enhance yourself to betterment. Just like March, let spring begin. It is the season when plants and trees begin to grow. Let your body and mind glow!

I’ve tried coloring my nails in prep for my next week’s trip. 

Why do I feel like I overdid it? Haha, guess I really am just not used to this kind of kikay stuff. 😁

Here are some of my shots while waiting for my roommates to get dressed for church.


Everything except for the baggy outfit is new to me, please comment if this ensemble is a Yey? Or a Nay?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tom says:

    BeaUtirull pictures

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gvcaplas says:

      Thanks Tom! 🙂


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