Good Vibes in Pampanga: Sandbox after the 21st Hot Air Balloon Festival

Have that Ninja instinct within you? Love adventure? Want to release stress? Or you just have been dragged by your gang?

Made for the physically inclined people is the Sandbox in Pampanga.

What is greater in this experience of mine is that I gained new friends. I just hitched on this trip of my officemate, together with her high school friends. The twist? They all came from Samar so most of the time, they spoke in Waray, which I don’t understand. I still challenge my self to understand when they’re having their conversations but I admit, when I can’t get any clue of their topic, I just take a nap haha. That’s true! Especially when we’re on the road, where I sleep every time because that’s how I am haha (only my travel buddies would testify).

Before we went to Sandbox, we first witnessed the 21st Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga. It is not as awesome as what I expected but it was still fun because of the gang. So there, it has proven that it is not solely the destination or event that makes the moment memorable but it is who you are with.


1. It is better NOT to go on a Saturday or to go after a big event near the place or in Pampanga. It is jam packed on this day unless you will come the earliest.

2. Go as early as you can. If you arrived after lunch, expect a very long line and waiting time.

3. You can’t count on commuting. So your choice would be joining a group tour or planning a do-it-yourself trip.

4. This is a course of real physical activities so if you want to try it all without worrying about what other people might see, think about your outfit. Be in your most comfortable clothes (i.e. shorts but not too short, hiking attire, stretchable pants, no to plunging necklines nor hanging shirts unless you have a pleasing tummy or abs). Be reminded that there would be eyes (a lot) on you while you’re taking the activities so you better not make a free show.

P. S. I am reminding you this because this was all based on experience. 😉

Have I forgotten something? Share your experience too! Comment or suggest them to us! 😁👌


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