Good Vibes in Dreamland Arts & Crafts, Batangas

Who loves dream catchers? ME!!!

Fantasy has its equivalent reality. There may not be magic nor super powers but you’ll see that there is a miracle naked to the eyes. Simple efforts and true love given by the people around you make your own story more valuable than those fantasies you believed in during your younger years.

How else will we hope for a happy ending or for an ideal life? See, these things like dream catchers are some ways to let us hope and to believe in the impossible. Yes, we can! There must be an action. Sometimes we put everything to that belief that a dreamcatcher or a wish on a falling star can make our dreams come true. We forget that what we are or what we have now is all because of the decisions that we had. There’s nothing else that we can pass our responsibility to. Never run away from your problems or from your difficult days because those are the reasons why you are able to endure all the pain and why you go stronger. How restless, shattered or dull your life may be, remind yourself to be happy, unwind, break-free and dream!
Welcome to Dreamland!

The Menu. 

These delicious food and minty refreshments are just so right for us who hadn’t eaten for almost 10hrs.! Our last meal was the lomi we ate before we went to Shercon Resort and Ecology Park.


Have you been to Batangas already? What do you think of Shercon Resort and Ecology park? Comment on suggestions of more places in Batangas that I must explore! 


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  1. Alesia Piol says:

    Wow these are super cool! Would love to visit this store one day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gvcaplas says:

      Yes you should! I don’t know how they schedule the change in their theme but lately my friend went there and the merchandises were changed into a surf-themed backdrop 🙂


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