Good Vibes in Bayfront, Singapore

Every place has its own gem so if you are to visit Singapore, see to it that you are fully charged and have an extra battery within yourself because man the place has so much to offer.

See us play around! You think you can beat our energy? 😁


It is a Singapore Hotel with Infinity Pool and Skypark. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you have the time and money, don’t hesitate to check in!

We weren’t able to go because of time. It is already sunset and we want to reach Gardens By The Bay before it gets dark.


Do you love nature? If yes, then surely you will love these awesomely engineered Supertrees and you can closely photograph them through the Skybridge. If you are contented seeing it through the ground, good news for us because it is free to walk around the garden.

We were able to watch the Garden Rhapsody Show, a light and musical show presented by the Supertrees.

If you want to unwind and to take some time alone for a peace of mind, this is one of the places you should consider. You can just sit or lie down on the benches you can find just under the Supertrees.


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