​Living with Guys

One of the boys is totally me since I was born, but feeling like a princess is something new and baptizing for me.

Would you believe? I live with 5 guys and I’m their only rose.

Being an only child, which I always emphasize on my blogs, I am super independent. I am used to doing stuffs on my own, even if it’s a man’s chore. I also lived and had spent my childhood days with my so-called brothers (kuya-kuyahan), they may be my mom’s boss’s children or my neighbors. Maybe that explains why I chose cars over Barbies or wrestling over hair and make-up tutorials or jeans over dresses or sneakers over heels. 

One of the reasons I am thankful for the environment I had before is that I am not conscious of what I have now. I am not jealous. I am not ‘maarte’. I am adaptable.I had encrypted in my heart and soul the mission to serve and help.

Trust is just the key to a wholesome and peaceful home. With them, I feel that I am very much protected more than a father or a real brother can do.

Each of them plays a vital role in my life. Each of them gives me treatment that reminds me to ponder on situations in different angles.

One is religious and loyal. 

One of them is the most gentleman.

One is the most responsible and caring.

One is the toughest and carefree.

One is supernatural while one is a vampire.

One is the most loveable and huggable.

One is the most talkative and so active.

One is health and fitness conscious, slowly turning our unit to be a gym haha just kidding and half meant!

One is my bestfriend and my partner in crime.

What I love about them the most is that they respect me and treat me like a lady, now matter how I bully them or act boyish, crazy, moody, emotional, bossy and annoying.

Though I am used to spending my whole life living with nonrelatives of mine, being away from them, my treated-as-real-family is definitely difficult, feels so alone. I am just so thankful that with them, I still found home. Another extension of my family tree!

And yes, not only through good times and bad times but also through my DIY modeling times. 😁


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  1. Jhecel says:

    You’re living with guys!! 🙂 Based on your description with them I bet you feel secured. I suddenly missed my male cousins some of them are married.

    I wish there are photos of the guys here. Hehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gvcaplas says:

      Hi Jhecel! Yep, absolutely! I chose not to put photos of them to protect their identity 😉 but if you really want to see them, you can check it out on my personal fb 🙂


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