Good Vibes in Singapore Zoo

Humans are the rational ones but our existence wouldn’t be called life without the other creatures.

Singapore made this whole island for these wonders of life for us to see that we humans are not the only miracles God had created.

Composing of three sections, why don’t we play a game? Find the most adorable, huggable and cutest animal! 😁

1. Night Safari

2. River Safari

3. Singapore Zoo

Most of the animals are asleep when we got there. And he’s the best example. 😉

Feeding time!

If you’ll see a real naked mole rat, they’re very small. I’m so happy queen mole rat is out here haha

Some turtles love to take selfies too!

See some grown tropical crops too!

We were able to see the awesome performance of these talented elephants at 12nn.

You won’t miss an animal or any place because there is a map for the whole Singapore Zoo!

You still can have and really, there are a lot of amazing scenes for your photo opts!

Have you spotted the most adorable, huggable and cutest animal? It’s the one wearing pink and blue haha! 😁

You think she is? Comment and share your thoughts! Happy viewing!

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  1. Latisha says:

    If you’re reading this, you’re all set, panerdr!

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