Stripes on Stripes in Blogapalooza 2016

Happened November 5, 2016 at Novotel Hotel Araneta Center is the first ever bloggers’ event that united influencers around the country: CDO, Bacolod, Negros, Pangasinan, Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Manila (pardon for the others that I have not mentioned ✌)
Hosted by Blogapalooza, the Philippines’ biggest Business-To-Blogger Networking and Marketing Event, and made possible with its partners and sponsors, we bloggers enjoyed ourselves with the booths, inspirational and informational talks, activities, experiences and freebies.

A performance full of energy and entertainment from The 4th Player  (Click link and find them on facebook)

And the big reveal of the event, Blogapalooza’s 2016 aim for opportunities was all brought in this one app!

Fellow and aspiring bloggers, click link and let’s continue our mission, get to our vision, accomplish our goals and make our dreams come true!

Hope to see you on the next Blogapalooza which aims for Denomination!


OOTD for this event is Stripes on Stripes 😊 If we happen to cross each other’s path, please let’s get connected!

Blog FB Page: Wandering Good Vibes

Instagram: @gvcaplas

Twitter: @gvcaplas

Snapchat: @gvcaplas


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