Good Vibes in The Kitchen Buffet, Baguio City

Tired with all the commotions in your life? Or with all the hardworks? Or with all the stress of everyday transactions? Or with all the annoying buzz around you? Or with all the issues and nonsense?

Because I care for you, I declare myself as your quack doctor for today and I diagnose that you are starving! All you just need is good food! Come home and straight to Baguio’s very own kitchen!

Everyday they change their menu, except for the food to be grilled so don’t worry. For tonight, they served:
Monggo and Afritada

They also have streetfoods while waiting for your grilled food.

And for drinks, they have unli iced tea, water and coffee. But if you want brewed coffee, that would be a separate pay which only costs P28 plus it is also unlimited.

Experience Baguio and visit The Kitchen Buffet anytime!
Don’t forget to comment and share us your story! 😊


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