Throwback Thrill

​This long weekend of Halloween, I visited my ‘childhood quarters’. It is the place where I spent most of my childood memories. I know you could think of yours too.

During my childhood, I lived in Camp Allen, Baguio City, near K-Lite FM Station and the Sto. Niño Chapel. There is an open area there that we treated as our playground, our own version of Power Rangers headquarters, our bahay-bahayan and yeah, our own little world.

There is also this place that we call ‘The Castle’ and until now we assume that it is a big water tank and the other one is a lighthouse.

I still remember how my mom used to look for me and find us there. It really looked like a castle before with blue paint. I intended to have a closer picture with it but they already put a barrier. Guess we’re lucky that we were able to climb up there before. Too bad I can’t remember what it looks like standing at the top. 

In the morning, it is full of laughters around but when the dark comes, the humid will change and you can feel the goose bumps.

Often times I see teenagers go up there to do the ‘Spirit of the Glass’ thing. So far, no one has come down after…

After a few hours I guess? Haha 

I haven’t heard of stories that they were anle to talk to spirits or something.

Unless, you have tried. Comment and share your experience!

Happy Halloween everyone!

My outfit’s fashion statement is: ‘Who says that wearing strong red doesn’t come along with strong blue?’

Sneakers: Nike Jordan


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