When Doing Nothing Is Not A Waste Of Time

“I declare that today is a bed-and-me time.”-10.08.16

​It has been my routine lately to be so active. After my regular job in weekdays, I see to it that I read blogs, update my social media pages, keep up with the news, etc. I always think of something to make myself busy. On weekends, I still check on updates, go to gym then go to church on Sundays and it would be an awesome weekend again if I have an event to attend to. I kept my mind running that now I needed to take a rest for awhile because I have a flu. Probably this is because of the exhaustion last week. The next day right after our flight from Singapore, I worked for an event and stayed late at night and had irregular sleep. Then when I got back to my regular work, we transferred to a new office and had a surprisingly winter-like temperature.

It is true that when you are still, steady and staring blankly, emotional things just pops out in your mind. You will just be thinking of, first, your age, then everything follows.Being sick sometimes helps you to rethink, recreate, and recharge. It just stops you from any obligatory works and boom! When you’re all well, you are once again ready to face the world and accept the challenges coming your way.

I’m not wishing you to be ill. I’m just saying that you deserve a break. Give your body, mind and soul sometime to rejuvenate.


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  1. Even if you have to be ill to take a backseat for a while on the craziness of modern life… its a unique thing, a way to recharge. Beautiful thing to read. DR

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    1. gvcaplas says:

      Thank you Dominic! Just don’t wait for you to get ill before taking a break. Let’s take care of ourselves, okay? πŸ™‚


  2. Taking a short break from time to time is always a great idea! I, too, usually push myself too hard sometimes! Just yesterday, I ended up getting a caffiene headache due to all the coffee and the amount of time I spent at the computer working! I laid back for about 30-45 minutes and then was ready to get back at it after the headache subsided! But, I do try to make sure to take a day off every so often! Thanks for the reminder!

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    1. gvcaplas says:

      Oh yeah, power nap?! That’s what we seldom too when we are all fed up by our work. πŸ™‚ YES please! Consider a day off to balance with your stressful days! Stay happy! πŸ€—πŸ˜

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