Birthday Gift 2016: A Check On My Bucketlist

God has plans for you. All you need to do is trust Him!

​September had indeed been good to me. I don’t pay attention much on the celebration of my birthday because I am used to not. That is why eversince I was in high school, my friends had been the ones who always prepare and acknowledge my birthday. Oh yes, they are the sweetest! And I am etxtremely blessed to have them. 

This year’s birthday is very special to me because it is my first time to ride an airplane and to fly abroad! I didn’t plan for anything like this. Yes, I want to go out of the country but not yet now because you know. Financial issues. This is a sponsored trip by my good friends and bestfriend. That is why I am so much grateful to them and ofcourse with all these surprises, from our dear Lord, thank you!! 🙂

It is a long story on how I got to this venture but it is the awesomest birthday so far. I’ve got a chance to crossout my crazy stuffs in my bucketlist. So, watchout for more blogs and I am going to share my Birthday experience in Singapore.

Meanwhile, first things first. Our trip is 3D 3N. On my next blogposts, you’ll see how we made it so productive! Haha

Below, pardon me for sharing a First Timer’s gallery. Can’t help it 😇😇


1. You will notice my neck pillow here. May I remind you that you should have one because seats in the airplane are pretty stiff. 🙂 

2. Be a light backpacker. I brought with me a luggage but you’ll see, it is just contained with my 3days outfit. The space is reserved for my ‘pasalubongs’. Yep, that’s kind of obligatory for me. Haha

See you on my next posts my dear wanderers! 🤗🤗


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