TIMYllenials: Are You One of Us?

​After the success of ‘On the Wings Of Love’, Director Antoinette Jadaone once again gave us another love story of twists and turns. No wonder JaDine was named to be the Team Real. Till I Met You aka TIMY is a TV series recently showed in ABS-CBN. It is a story about friendship and love that started with their parents and continued thru their children. It is a choice whether they will fight for their love or they will save their friendship.

Normally I am not a JaDine fan, nor to any celebrity in particular. I just find their love team so suitable. Perfect combination as what they call it. Aside from the appearance and chemistry, I love them personally, especially, because they have proved how talented they are. 

Why I was hooked? It is not just because JaDine is the love team but frankly, it is a factor why it became more interesting. It is not just because it was set in Greece nor just because of the cinematography nor just because it was directed by Antoinette Jadaone; but because I can relate with the story.

The basic story of TIMY about Iris falling inlove with her bestfriend? That is the most relative part of the story to me. I mean, yes we know of a lot of love stories involving a girl bestfriend falling inlove with her guy bestfriend or the other way around but in here, the very character of each cast is very significant. And I thank TIMY for putting the exact words. Now, I’ve learned how and why I loved him so much. If you have read my older posts, you already know that I am an  only child right? And that like Iris, I don’t have a father? I may have grown with a nonrelative family that treated me and my mom as if we are real members of the family and I may have not felt that I don’t have a father because like Basti, my mother have given me the complete love that I needed, even more. Well, it turned out that these became a factor that I found my bestfriend as my brother, my father, and my hero. I became dependent to him while I became independent from my life’s situation.

Thus, like Iris, I needed to accept him for who he is because he is still the bestfriend that I loved so much. “And if I will love again, I will find someone like you. Only, I will make sure that he is not..” 😊

I know I can’t really compare my life to TIMY but one thing surely I will carry with me, is that someday, I will find my own Basti.


Can you relate too? Share us your side of the story! Let’s spread good vibes! 😇😇


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