Wonder What You Did Last September?

Hi Birthmonth! We meet again and soon you’ll leave me aged behind.

What’s with you Ber months, especially you September, that you remind us that it’s almost the 4th quarter of the year? It is the start of greeting Advance Merry Christmas, ringing Holiday bells, singing of Jose Mari Chan in malls, playing Christmas songs in homes and making us either realize how we awesomely spent our days or wonder what we did for the passed eight months.

Today, I updated my journal (notebook) and quite devastated with some outcomes. I have set goals during the early months of the year but failed to accomplish all. I admit. I lost track of my short and long term goals. I failed to remind myself of my tasks and missions. I was eaten by my usual daily routine of work-home-gym. But I’ve got to tap myself for keeping alive, inspired and containing and spreading the good vibes like it’s the reason for my existence. Rather feeling depressed, I set myself new goals before the year ends, new challenges to grow myself and new to-do’s to break my usual routine.
‘Live life to the fullest’ is still my motto and spicing it with a ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once) ! 🙂

How about you? Let’s spread good vibes!


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