Open Diaries 4: The Lawton I Used To Know


As a working girl like me who left her own province and lived in Manila for a dream and for a new chapter of my life, the only Lawton I knew was the minigrocery and semi-eatery like the 7 Eleven and the Ministop. 

Have I mentioned before that one of my respected idols is Boy Abunda? And I’m so grateful that whenever I am able to watch his TV show, The Bottomline, I find the person in hotseat very very interesting and inspiring. In The Bottomline last July 30, 2016, Rocky Gathercole was the guest. He is the famous Avant Garde designer who has let the world see his creations worn by Hollywood Icons like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and many more. Did you know that Lawton was his home when he left his family at the age of 14 due to his problem with his father? The rest is history. Know more about him thru his own site,

The whole talk just hit me and reminded me that everything happens for a reason.  Whatever or wherever you are now, it still doesn’t define your future. Yes you may believe in fate or destiny but you should not live everything to it. What is happening to you is because of the choices you made. Like what my mentor said to me, God will give you what is the best for you but still He wants you to define what you really want. God will present to you everything in your wishlist but it is up to you how you will get it and proclaim it to be yours.

I now imagine Lawton as the streets of Camp Allen, Baguio City. This is my own Lawton. It is where I was honed and molded. It is the part of my life wherein I could define how I got this good vibes. It is where my knees got its scars, where adventure was introduced to me, where I first trusted other people, where I did something without asking or expecting any in return, where my eyes learned to see beyond, where I learned the word friend, where I felt sorry and where I learned to love life.

Everyone has his/her own story. Everyone has his/her own Lawton.

How about you? Be proud of your story. Share us where your own Lawton is!


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