Change Has Come

​Sounds familiar? Yeah. I’ve been hearing that since the campaign period. If you live in the Philippines you could relate. But ain’t gonna talk about politics here. 🙂

Have you experienced having a sudden change in you? It’s the kind that it just happened through time without consultation within yourself if you should be who or what you are now.

Here’s a new thing for me. I’m showing some flesh and it is the part that I am still working on. I’m wearing here a preloved green cropped cape from Ms. Janeena Chan, one of the known bloggers who set her clothes on the Bazaar held by the Blogapalooza and paired with this Roxy white shorts which I got from a thrift shop for only P150.00.

But of all the changes I have experienced, it is the state of my heart that I declare the most precious. I find myself looking in a different direction now. I can see myself in other man’s arm. I could sleep at peace now. My heart is safe and sound and purely trusting to God’s plans.

Yay! How about you? What changes have you noticed so far?


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