Game On

Wayback before when games were just manually and resourcefully played, Tic-Tac-Toe was just written, crossword puzzles were just in newspapers, Pokemon was just in a gameboy cartridge and jigsaw puzzles were just made out of paintings or printings and prone to loosing a piece when not handled carefully but now they are all ready online.

When looking for something to exercise my brain, something that is not in my storage, I came across this site: JS Puzzles.

In JS Puzzles, there are daily puzzles that the site uploads. All the puzzles are curated so they are safe for all ages. You could also sign up, upload your own gallery and share your crafts to the world. It’s super easy so I did!

I play on my own photographs and while doing it, it reminds me of my dreams and my bucketlist. I remember the time when someone told me that everything will come into places and all will be fine.

When was the last time you have said to someone, “You complete me.”? And when was the last time that someone told you, “You are not incomplete. You lived by yourself independently right from the day you were born. You didn’t need someone to complete you.”?

Like a jigsaw puzzle, life was initially painted, patterned with challenges and now given to you shuffled for you to understand, to solve and to make it whole again. Fulfill the mission that was bestowed upon you.

Come on and see how JSpuzzle works! 🙂



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  1. Not much of a gamer except for pinball and skeetball, lol. Did enjoy reading your article and shared it too


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