Smile Like A Boss

‘If you want to be successful, you must be willing to walk alone.’

Have you watched the ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ or the ‘Everything About Her’?

These are two so way different stories but feature similar characters. These both talked about a successful woman and how they dealt with their family and their people. Let’s talk about power.


Wearing something like this powerful red blazer is like having yourself a short/boy haircut. It implies courage or a sign that you are a risk taker, a woman of her words. Did you know that in the business world, women who are slower to smile were perceived to be more credible? This is a research used in one of the chapters in the book, How To Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes. It is true that I encourage you to spread good vibes. Be a convo starter, be openminded. It is still better if everyone of us will be friendly enough and will be possessing a very positive and approachable aura that we give every person that we meet day by day a big, warm smile. But if you want your smile to be special for someone, look at him/her on the face for a second. Pause. Let him/her feel your presence. Then, throw out your genuine smile!




Do you have other tips to success? Let us know! 🙂


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