Obviously He Is Not The One


1. He cares about you; nothing more, nothing less.

Everyone can be friendly. He may be always there to help but he is not the one who will catch you when you fall. He may send signals that he likes you and yes! He likes you to be his friend. Who doesn’t want one? And besides, being good and nice to others is just a natural thing. Number One Rule: Never assume!

2. You are not one of his priorities.

You can say that privacy and freedom is an ingredient for a healthy relationship. True! But you can see and determine if he decides without considering your feelings. It doesn’t matter even if he knows that you are a strong independent person.

3. He takes you for granted.

Even if he knows you very well, how strong and independent person you are, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be needing caress. You see how much he helps others, how he loves his family but when it comes to you, he losts the gentleman in him. That is something. He is very much aware of how much you love him yet he chooses to hurt you.

4. He can’t keep his promise.

Eventhough we all know that ‘Promises are meant to be broken,’ if you really love someone, he should never want to fail you nor do something that would hurt you. If he really loves you, he would know everything about you and would always keep in mind everything that makes you happy.

5. He doesn’t listen to you.

Well, technically he doesn’t much have interest in you. It is given that you are good friends. You talk about random things. You have interesting conversations but never accrossed something that concerns with what you feel. He just enjoys telling you his side. Sometimes he listens, but you know if he really is or not. You thought that he likes talking to you and believed that he wants you because of that. But wake up! You should not be contented with that. You know what you want. You would want someone who listens to all of your silly stuffs,  epic moments, queries, opinions and every little detail of your day.

6. There’s Still No Smoke.

People say that you’ll know if he is the one when there is a spark. Some even say that you’ll know it at first glance. But I say, a spark is just a fling. Things should heat up first. Get to know each other. Experience more together. Wait ’til love burns. You know, you should be patient like the fire detector. If you can’t detect the smoke yet, it is not yet time to give out the water that was stored in you.

This post is applicable to any gender. I just used the point of view of a woman because I am. πŸ™‚
Enjoy reading and hope I could help your confused mind and loving heart. I understand that we have different perspectives and circumstances so be reminded that my posts are just guides. Feel free to comment or contact me incase you need a heart to heart talk. πŸ™‚

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  1. : great advice! i have to agree with number 1, “don’t assume”, because that’s the reason we mostly get hurt. thank you for sharing this. ^_^



    1. gvcaplas says:

      Thank you dear ! πŸ™‚


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