Everyday is Family Hug Day!

Ever notice that it’s the people we love most that we take most for
granted? Weird. Then you’ll realize it’s true. When you started studying, you spent 9-10 hours in school with a 2hrs leeway for your extra-curricular activities including bystanding, playing and chitchating with your friends. Approximately, you only stay at home for 12hours, spending 2hours of it on doing your assignments or watching TV or even daydreaming. Then an hour to eat dinner, which is probably the only time when your family could finally talk to you with your total focus because after dinner, you will be going back to your room and be with your own world again. Then, the cycle repeats. Until, you graduate and live independently. That’s the time when you realize what I’m talking about. It’s easy for us to spend less time with our family
because we assume that they will be always there for us. It’s easy
to put off expressing our love to our loved ones because we think that it isn’t necessary. It’s easy to let home relationships go
because we assume there are more important things to deal with. But as time lapses, as we grow old, we forgot that our parents grow older, our world changes and our environment adapts to it. We think that they don’t need it but you didn’t realize that you need it more. A friend once told me, “We need atleast three hugs to make our day.” Yes. It’s like a vitamins or no, it’s more than a vitamins because it’s the emotional part we are talking about here. Did you know that hugging releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel good and helps you feel connected to others. It inspires positive thinking and helps you have an optimistic outlook on the world.
So start hugging and spreading love! And begin or continue it mostly with your loved ones, your family!






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