This Monkey is on Fire

“Year of the Fire Monkey”

Yes! I’m a monkey! It’s not only because of the theory of Charles Darwin but because of the fact that I was born in 1992.

I’ve learned through my research that in Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a Chinese Zodiac animal sign and one of the Five Elements: Gold(Metal), Water, Wood, Fire or Earth. And these element-sign combinations affect our personality and our destiny. It has been said that 2016 is an unlucky year for Monkeys. However, I believe that these readings are just guides. Instead of bothering yourself, focus on improving more and picking the right opportunities; and discipline is the main key.

Want to know more about us monkeys? We are witty, mischievous, masters of practical jokes, and have a magnetic personality. Usually are very healthy because of our active lifestyles and wanting to experience life’s flavors.


Like New Year’s Eve in the Philippines, Chinese New Year is celebrated for two main reasons: 1. To have a good rest after a year of hardwork and to have a reunion with family; and 2. To wish for good health and for a prosperous coming year.

Want to pray in a temple to receive a year-long blessing? Bell Church, a Taoist Church, is one of the places that you should never miss when you visit Baguio City. It is located in Km. 3, La Trinidad, Benguet and is open from 6am to 5pm. There you can find are beautiful landscaped gardens, some artifacts about Buddhism and some literature about the history of China.







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