It is normal that you have friends, even if they’re so many. It is a blessing if you have atleast one bestfriend. Well, best pertains to only one; so basically, there should really be only one. But because we are naturally friendly people, we tend to have same nos. of bestfriends with the nos. of friends. For me, I had have twi when I was in Gradr School, two when I was in High School and two when I was in college until now.


People say, there is no such thing as guy bestfriend. Either of them is inlove with the other. Well, I don’t know. As what I’ve said before, I can hardly tell which is which. Maybe they’re right, maybe not. I don’t want to declare a final say too but all I know is that I love him. No other add-ons to that. He is a blessing for me. He is my guide. He is true and he is everything to me. I’ll just cherish all the moments with him even if that’s same as saying I’m giving all of me, all I can because that’s what I feel he’s doing for me too. He may not be the one yet. But atleast I already know how to treat one.

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