My classmate.
First day high! A newbie I was.
He said,”hi!”, it’s part of their game.
I knew then that he is one of a kind,
But I hadn’t thought that it was the start.

My teammate.
From simple games to school competitions,
From easy to difficult rounds,
From fantasy to real world battles,
He always fights without irresolutions.

My brother.
Boastful, bully, naughty, hardheaded and frank
Yet true, sweet, charming, caring and fun
He maybe annoying and insensitive sometimes,
He still knows when you are down.

My father.
Overprotective indeed! Daddy’s girl I’ll be
He knows what I love and what I hate
I maybe spoiled but just enough
Enough to grow and live my life.

My bestfriend.
A shoulder to sleep and cry on
A keeper of secrets and life’s imperfections
A great adviser and motivator
A founder of all silliness, yet, a noble hero.

You are my classmate, my teammate, my brother, my father, and my bestfriend.
You are everything to me

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