People say the cycle goes like this: Strangers become Friends. Friends become Bestfriends. Bestfriends become Lovers. Sometimes it’s the end of the story but sometimes it continues like this: Lovers become Strangers Again. Strangers Again become Friends Again. Friends Again become Lovers Again-or Lovers become Strangers Again-end of story. It would just be a bonus if : Strangers Again become Friends Again Again.


Okay, got it! There are also stories wherein the girl made the move for their love story to bloom; the long term relationships and the short term relationships; older guy relationships and younger guy relationships; the against all odds relationships and perfect family ties relationships; the simple relationships and the royal relationships; etc. As we all know, there are more other love stories out there but every love stories are unique. Similar but never the same inside stories. You can dream your own fairytale but live your happily ever after!

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